• Akothee narrates how it is like to face divorce for someone with children.

• Akothee says it becomes a constant battle where you are always hurt and buried.

Akothee aka madam boss smiling
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If there is anyone who knows how to see positivity in every situation is Akothee.

Throw the single mother of five in a den of lions and she will come out scarred but stronger than ever. She will use every setback as a stepping stone back to her rightful place.

This morning, Akothee chose to address the divorce issue, something that has become so rampant in the country in recent years.

In a long post, Madam Boss says divorce is worse than death! This he says actually becomes worse whenever there are children involved. 

She went ahead to explain what it is like for a person who just got divorced and the process they take before becoming 'whole' again.

" When you lose a loved one, you mourn you are broken once for the loss, you hurt you miss them, and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them," wrote Akothee.

Touching on the difference between going through divorce especially when you have kids, Akothee says it becomes a constant battle where you are always hurt.

"But with a divorce where children are involved, if you don't choose your battle wisely, you will be broken daily, buried daily, hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment."

She added, "Breaking up with a loved one and leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes time. . If you have to divorce or break up, do it descently (sic) you are not the first or last, people survived. We are with you in prayers."

Her advice comes barely a week since she announced she had parted ways with her former lover, Nelly Oaks.

In her statement, Akothee said the two amicably ended their affair and that both of their families back in Rongo are on good terms.

 "[I] just didn't want to hurt anyone, but sorry it is what it is. Me And Mr. N have a strong family relationship back in Rongo, he is not someone I just picked on the streets, so for that matter, we respect family, and family respect remains," said Akothee.

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