• Hamo is experiencing parenting challenges that include sleepless nights

• This is Hamo's fourth child with his first wife.

Professor Hamo posing
Image: Instagram

A month ago, comedian Professor Hamo shared a cute picture of his newborn baby. On that day, the actor-comedian didn't show the face, but only the hand of the child.

Comedian Herman Kago, popularly known by the stage name Prof Hamo, captioned the moment "Welcome home baby Renee". Fans congratulated him for the addition to his growing family.

And now Prof Hamo has unveiled the full face of his child. In a video on Instagram, Hamo said that the couple was now having sleepless nights, choosing when and how to sleep.   

"Saa hii ni saa tatu usiku, ndio umeamka. Mchana yote umelala. Sisi tuko kazi, sasa tumerudi ndio uko macho hivi. Unataka tupige story mpaka saa saba usiku. Nimekuachia mama. Nimekuachia nyonyo. Kitu nataka uniachie tu ni usingizi," 

He finished by telling the baby,

"I hope tumeelewana toto 🤣🤣🤣"

What is interesting is that when Hamo revealed the great news a month ago many fans had to speculate who the mother was as the comedian has two wives.

His second wife Jemutai had to come out instantly to deny the news that she was the mom. The comedian was easy and took to her Facebook to clarify that the baby wasn't hers but was happy to take the congratulatory messages on Zipporah's behalf.

She wrote, "Sio mimi aki anyway thanks for the congratulations"

Prof Hamo also has two other children with Churchill comedian Jemutai-a girl and a boy.

Back in 2021 following a public feud with Jemutai over their children, Hamo was accused by a fan of taking advantage of Jemutai. Hamo responded denying so.

"I understand you might be going through a lot in your life, and that's why you can't fathom another person being blessed, but I'll teach you something today as a man once you make mistakes, you accept and do the right thing you'll see God is not from any village he continues to bless me, now I have two wives who are happy, and I'm even more blessed," Hamo wrote. 

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