• Stivo's ex Pritty Vishy has wished them well.

• Pritty is also in a serious relationship with Madini Classic.

stivo simple boy marriage
kibera singer kisses stivo simple boy marriage

'Freshi Barida' hitmaker Stivo Simple Boy got down on one knee and asked a mysterious lady we have come to learn is called Gee  to marry him.

He popped the question in front of friends who cheered the couple on Monday, July 25.

The woman said yes and a video of the moment has gone viral with the moment being branded romantic.

Stivo has proposed
kibera socialiter Stivo has proposed

Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy on her Instagram held a QnA with fans encouraging them to ask her anything.

Of course, top on everyone's mind was the proposal. Vishy, a Kibera socialite laughed it off.

She captioned, "Unataka nipige some ama niimbe praise and worship?"

Pritty added that she is 100 percent happy he has moved on.

Pritty and Stivo dated earlier this year. The two then suddenly broke up before slandering each other at any opportunity available. Pritty said she cheated on him because she was not attracted to him.

“We were boyfriend and girlfriend and he had even introduced me to his family, but it was not a romantic relationship. He was never attractive to me. I won’t lie. And that’s the reason I was cheating. Stivo was a good man, yes he was kind and humble but he was not attractive,” Vishy said.

Vishy said she never shared any form of intimacy with the singer.

“Right now if you ask Stivo how I look without clothes he cannot describe (it) because he has never seen me without (clothes),” Vishy said.

She has since moved on to a new man, Madini Classic.Perhaps now they can each move on completely without referencing each other.

Stivo on his part said he was still a virgin and he was opposed to having intimacy before marriage. 

That's why he never got on with Pritty when they dated. 

“I refused to sleep with her. I told her to be a good girl and act maturely so that we could wed. I also told her that we would get there after our wedding but she couldn’t wait. She then decided to leave me saying I am too religious,” Stivo said. 

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