• Stivo admitted to making good money that saw him build a house

• Stivo cited his hard work ethic to musical success

during and interview with Mpasho.
Stivo Simple Boy during and interview with Mpasho.

Kibera based singer, Stivo Simple Boy, has turned his blessings into a gift of joy for his parents. In an interview with Iko nini podcast, Stivo revealed that he once earned sh500,000, money that he used to build his parents a house.

"Ukienda kufanikiwa lazima vitu nyingi zikupate, so maybe people were saying that na mi sijui."

So what's the most money he has ever earned?

"It was half a million that was the ad for Odibet. Nilishika hizo pesa nikajengea wazazi nyumba ushago."

Does this mean that being a musician pays? Stivo nodded affirmatively.

"Usanii unalipa ukiwa humble. Kama hauna vituko mingi ohh na ma clout mingi inalipa, ukitulia tuu."

Stivo landed the deal back in 2021 and everyone lauded him for that endorsement. He also added that he wouldn't bad mouth his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy who continues mudslinging him in her interviews.

Stivo reasoned that he is bigger than her and thus will not waste time slandering her. He also revealed that he had referenced the late Mwai Kibaki in a verse but had to mute his name.

According to Stivo, the audio to the song was ready for release unfortunately the late Mwai Kibaki died before, which worried the singer.

Another challenge he faced was that there wasn't the possibility of withdrawing the song as he had already travelled to Mombasa to shoot the video for the song.

Out of respect, he chose to censor the reference to the third President of Kenya.

"Tulisema hapo kwa Kibaki wacha tu mute coz italeta maneno mengi. If you listen to the song keenly, you will hear a place where I say the words Ki Ki Ki without completing the word. We already had released promos for the video we faced so much pressure."

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