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Purity Vishenwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy, has shared a video all tears urging people to stop body shaming and trolling her.

Pritty Vishy has been equated to a kuku kienyeji which means a traditional chicken, others have told her she smiles like that of the late Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

It became like a norm to her that at some point she embraced herself and even has take to branding herself kienyeji, (traditional) accepting the name given to her by haters.

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In the video clip posted online, Pritty Vishy appealed to netizens to stop branding and teasing her.

"Did I ask God to create me this way? No. I didn't, if I was to choose how I would be born, I would want to look like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj."

She took to the internet to advise people to stop waiting for her to upload pictures and videos in order to troll her.

She tearfully lamented she is someone's child and her mother would not be happy seeing people body-shaming her.

She also added that every time she is alone she gets depressed and feels like she is not worth it and like other girls.

Pritty Vishy reminds all women and men that their generation is growing as trolling and body shaming would be reciprocated to them as well.

There were those that still could not withstand her in the comment section as they kept on with the body-shaming asking her why she wanted to be famous and she should deal with her situation.

That is the famous line that they say in swahili "pambana na hali yako".

Apparently, there are those that felt the pinch and comforted her to love herself and give a deaf ear to the trollers.

What are your thoughts on body shamers and what do you think those falling victim of being trolled and body shamed should do?

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