'Baby Go' video cost me Sh 2.6 million-Otile Brown

'The highest amount I spent on a video is 2.6 million' -Otile Brown

• Otile Brown's song Dusuma' which he featured Meddy is the most listened song, having been listened to 38 million times.

• Otile says not doing kiki has helped him remain relevant.

Otile Brown
Image: Instagram

Otile Brown has revealed he spent 2.6 million for the video 'Baby Go' only for it to 'flop'.

The award-winning star says the money was spent to pay for accommodation among other things.

"We used 2.6 million to shoot 'Baby Go' but it did not do very well. West Africans don't come cheap, they have a lot of needs. we flew to Nigeria to shoot the video."

Otule Brown says he does not like when money is involved for him to agree to collaborate.

"I cannot pay to do a collabo, Music is deeper than that. If I have to pay it makes me lose interest. I can do a collabo even with a less known artiste as long as it has a good melody and good lyrics."

Otile also says he would never be caught dead doing Kiki

"I do not like trending because of Kiki, it means you have to keep doing it. Artists who thrived in Kiki are now struggling. I thank God that I have thrived without kiki."

What has been said or done to him that hurt him the most?

"There is a time someone was conning people using my name. It hurt me and we are still following up. The woman claimed that she was the one funding my music. You can call me names but using my name and glory irritates me."

Otile is the only Kenyan artiste to have more than 1 million YouTube subscribers. The artist says losing his mum at the tender age of 12 made him and his 4 siblings grow up fast.

He had to depend on them as he is the last born. Their dad had died some years before the mum soon followed.

What is your favourite song by Otile Brown?

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