Nadia Mukami-I paid Arrow Bwoy to perform on my birthday

Working with brands as a couple a challenge for Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

• Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have dated for more than two years.

• The couple has also sung together.

before they welcomed their son
Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy before they welcomed their son
Image: Courtesy

Nadia Mukami has revealed that she had to pay her partner Arrow Bwoy to perform on her birthday.

"I did a birthday party and I paid Arrow Bowoy to perform on my birthday. People should understand that as much as Arrow Bwoy and I are dating we are two brands. We have two different managers. Some people want Arrow Bwoy and me to share a room so that they don't pay for separate rooms."

Singer Arrow Bwoy had earlier revealed how he and Nadia started dating.

Speaking with Obinna on the Kula Cooler show, Arrow Bwoy said both he and Nadia have different versions of how they first met. 

"We met in Nairobi. The first time we met 'well' is when recording the 'Radio Love' song. But she has her own part of the story. She says we met at club 64 where we used to perform 'Mseto'.

I don't remember because at that time I was performing to people and she says I went downstage and danced. I remember calling her out because she was doing well but had not gotten a breakthrough," Arrow Bwoy said. 

Later on, Nadia Mukami would send Arrow Bwoy some music ideas, but they had not bonded yet.  Arrow Bwoy's attention was caught by the 'Radio Love' idea and he asked Nadia to record the beats of the song first. 

"When we met I did not even hit on her. I had already seen her determination and she was respectful. After recording, I do not know how love issues started," he said. 

Arrow Bwoy said that he has been dating Nadia for close to 2 or 3 years. Between Nadia and Arrow who is the better performer?

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