Nadia Mukami opens up on the amount of dowry she expects from Arrow Boy

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy got engaged earlier this year

• Arrow Bwoy was put on the spot about when he would pay Nadia's price.

• Nadia was a bit coy in her answer not wanting to reveal the amount she thought was fair.

in a baby bump shoot
Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy in a baby bump shoot
Image: Instagram

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have spoken out about their upcoming nuptials, expressing their excitement to formalize their romance.

Nadia confessed to Plug Tv Kenya that despite meeting her parents, Arrow Bwoy has not paid dowry. 

"He hasn't paid dowry; in fact, my family and I informed my father that he would like to propose to me when we were at home; nilimfanyia intro yeye ndio. Therefore, there has been a lot going on and it has been busy. He has yet to bring home cows and goats, Sijui."

When defending himself, Arrow Bwoy said that such things take time.

"Okay those who have been following our narrative they know what has been happening," Arrow said after giving her a brief look.

"There were arrangements in place because she gave birth and our baby is still young. I visited her father, even though I was really terrified of him. Ni mkali kivyake na kweli ni mkali. We converse, and since we get along well, my plans are still in place. We'll let people know. I don't want to speak out too soon and ruin the surprise for everyone else. Additionally, I'll have proof when I pay the dowry."

He wasn't done praising Nadia's family saying,

"Her family is quite good, they are very welcome and they are not that demanding so chini ya maji I have been studying them. I feel it will be worthwhile because I want to reward them for raising her. Nitajipanga. I can't wait for that day since it's one of the most important days of my life that I'm looking forward to it. It's wonderful to respect parents, especially now that she's no longer kichwa ngumu amelainika kidogo."

And how much is Nadia expecting Arrow Bwoy to pay in dowry? "I don't think it's anything to debate ati millioni kumi. I don't want to make demands that you must pay this amount, therefore I guess it's obviously isikuwe mbaya."

Does she have a predetermined amount? "I don't want to put a price on myself, and I hope it won't be disappointing, but I know people will hang me for saying how much."

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