Nadia Mukami reveals why she stopped working out

Nadia has no pressure to lose weight after giving birth

• Nadia who is working on an album said her mum is helping her take care of the baby when she is is not around.

• Nadia stopped intensive workouts because of her CS scar.

Songbird Nadia Mukami
Songbird Nadia Mukami
Image: courtesy

Singer Nadia Mukami says she stopped working out after she hurt herself.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, the mother of one said she had started going to the gym but her CS wound started hurting.

"I had to pause and you hear people say I have added weight," she said.

"I am not putting pressure on myself. There is no need for me to pressure only for me to go back through surgery. I am exclusively breastfeeding. Other people’s opinions are none of my business. People need to understand that I have a life."

Would she ever go through surgery?

"I can never say no, I never judge because people go through body transformations/surgeries for different reasons."

Nadia who is working on an album said her mum is helping her take care of the baby when she is not around.

"I am working on my album in my home studio but in the meantime, I want to take care of my child."

"The experience we had, needs a whole interview. It was in a theatre room, we had to go for emergency CS,” he said.“The things I saw there have made me love her even more and now I have more respect for all women. They go through a lot."

"Moreso those who go through an operation to bring the baby to this world… It is a matter of life and death," he said.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy welcomed their baby in March.

Announcing the arrival of their child, the couple disclosed that their baby boy arrived safely on Thursday, March 24.

Arrow Bwoy further assured their fans that both baby and Nadia were in perfect health.

"24.03.2022 We received the most Beautiful Gift Ever @haseebkai welcome to our world @nadia_mukami thank you @rfh_healthcare my Queen and the Prince are in the safe hands," he shared.

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