Eric Omondi condemns celeb seeking political seats in August elections


•Eric Omondi stated that celebrities who are running for office are being driven by greed for wealth.

Eric Omondi
Image: Instagram

The self-proclaimed king of comedy Eric Omondi has criticized artists vying for political seats calling them Greedy.

Eric said that artists should appreciate and stick to their God-given talents.

Also, he said that these artists should get the difference between a calling and a talent.

"If you are a comedian or a musician, stick to your gift. Stop having stupid thoughts of getting into politics You are confusing the calling and the gifting of God," he told

"Speaking as the president of entertainment, You are confused!" he noted.

He went ahead and insisted that artists should concentrate on their talents not politics for those vying are doing it out of greed. 

"If you are a musician sing, if you are a comedian make us laugh. If you go to politics you are a thief. You want to take people's money. Do not be lied to!" he stated.

When asked whether musicians could work with politicians, he said that they could but not become one.

"Musicians can work with politicians but they can't be politicians. Musicians, comedians, actors, you are artists. Do not go to parliament. That is gluttony. Pure greed!" he added.

He concluded by stating that he knows they are being driven by money but God will still bless them even if it's through their talents.

"We know what you want. You want money but God can bless you with money," he concluded.

There has been a massive increase in the number of Kenyan celebrities seeking political seats come 2022.

Among them are household names in different disciplines right from music, acting, comedy, and media personalities.

It is evident that these artists are banking on their popularity to convince Kenyans into voting for them.

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