• Chantal Grazioli alleged that her ex was responsible for the severe injuries on her person.

• Chantal is also unhappy with the cavalier manner in which some Kenyans have treated her ordeal.

Ever since Eric Omondi disclosed the injuries that his ex-girlfriend, Chantal Grazioli suffered, the Kenyan-Italian has herself been silent.

Eric has been her mouthpiece and has done an excellent job being her lawyer, mouthpiece, and muscle.

But it seems that Chantal isn't happy with the reaction to her ordeal by some Kenyans, something that she wrote about on her social media.

She started out by calling out people who thought what she had gone through was something to make jest about.

"I saw some people taking this as a joke. It's not a joke. I can walk properly, I'm injured and broken." 

She added that people shouldn't take physical abuse lightly and thanked Eric for using his platform to speak on the issue.

"Violence is not something to be taken lightly or joked about. There are people going through it, and I'm thankful to Eric for speaking about it and taking his time to come through."

She then urged Kenyans who might be going through the same to speak about it.

"If you are out there experiencing the same, please be strong and seek help. You are not alone."

Chantal claims that her ex-boyfriend, Nicola Traldi is the one responsible for the injuries she has on her body.

According to the receipts she provided, one can note that the model's injuries were so extensive that she even got a sprain and a fracture on her lower leg.

Her ex meanwhile has been steadfast in refuting the allegations that he was responsible for causing harm to Chantal.

Eric for his part hasn't removed his foot from the pedal warning Nicola to surrender himself to Thindigua Police Station.

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