Hamisa's reaction to Diamond not posting their son online

Hamisa Mobetto unbothered over Diamond ignoring their son

• Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond dated after the damsel featured as a video vixen for the song 'Salome.'

• Hamisa allegedly insulted Mama Dangote during a past radio interview hence the bad blood between them.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Courtesy

Hamisa Mobetto has revealed balancing motherhood and her music career.

Speaking during an interview with Bongo Touch she shared, "Motherhood is not easy especially when you are a single mother but my mum has been very supportive."

Hamisa says she does not like posting her kids too much adding that she wants her fans to focus on what she has to offer.

Asked why Diamond Platnumz does not post photos of his son with Hamisa Mobetto online, the mother of two responded, "If one parent (Diamond) wants to show off his child then well and good if not I cannot force him to do so."

Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Instagram

Just recently Hamisa responded to how she feels when Diamon Platnumz's mum posts Zari's kids and Tanasha Donna's kids and not hers.

"I want people to focus on my career and not my personal life and my kids. I rarely post them unless it's their birthday,"  she said.

Asked why she doesn't take her son to Diamond's home, Hamisa said parenthood involves both parents.

While asked in an interview, Diamond's mum said that Hamisa insulted her during an interview with a local media house and she was hurt.

She claimed she was trolled on social media and she wasn’t happy.

Diamond’s mother went ahead to call Hamisa a dirty woman who can’t even keep her house clean and she would never allow her son to marry such a woman.

On various occasions, Mama Dangote has praised and showered some of her grandchildren with love on her social media.

Among those, she has posted a million times are Zari's two children with Diamond and on some occasions, Tanasha's child.

She has not yet posted Hamisa's son with Diamond.

Hamisa is working on a project with Tanasha who is also Diamond's baby mama.

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