• Hamisa Mobetto has two kids, one of them with Diamond Platnumz.

• Hamisa got pregnant for Diamond after she featured as a video vixen for the song 'Salome.'

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto's mum has said she would never push her daughter to get married. Adding that she wants to see her established first.

Speaking during the Hamisa's EP Launch, Mama Mobetto shared,

"I cannot push my daughter to get married. I want her to be stable before she settles down least she ends up being oppressed. That is something most African women go through, you get married without being financial established and you end up getting oppressed."

Mama Mobetto revealed that although different men approach her daughter showing trust in a marriage, Hamisa has not said yes to any of them.

"The biggest challenge she is going through is that she has two kids from two men, is there a man who is ready to love her that way?"

Hamisa herself said,

"I have been proposed to marriage different times by people I know and some whom I don't know. But sometimes you find things not working out because marriage is something you have to plan. The least proposal that has been brought to our home was worth 10 million."


"I have two kids, I have witnessed my younger siblings being oppressed because they have nothing to their name. That is why I am yet to get married, I want to establish myself financially."

Just recently Stivo Simple Boys ex Pritty Vishy left tongues wagging after stating her dowry stands at Sh 2 million.

The content creator said that she knows her value-adding and that she won't lower it for anything?

"My dowry rate is Sh2 million and please don’t try to bring cows. I don’t want you to come with cows it is either you bring the Sh2 million or at least you even buy a car. 2 million is not a lot. As long as you know your worth set standards and don’t settle for less.”

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