Avoid these men! - Akothee warns Rue Baby

'Women are not your mother's for them to support you financially' - Akothee

•Akothee says no woman is entitled to support a man.

•The bible says the man is the head of the house and is the provider.

set for a world tour
Singer Akothee set for a world tour
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Akothee says men should stop expecting to be supported by women.

The mother of five says since time immemorial men were made to be providers.

"What do you mean by my girlfriend is not your supporting me? Is she your mother? Are you looking for a life partner of a life support machine?"


In an open letter to her daughter Rue Baby, Akothee warned her daughter against such men who she calls vultures.

Akothee partly recalled the day she gave birth to Rue, promising to love, care and support her even in old age. 

"To me, you are still my child even if you get married today, or get babies tomorrow, I would like you to know, that I will always protect you from the vultures of the world including any irresponsible man, who would try to deactivate what I activated.

You are a very disciplined girl, I want you to explore the world and enjoy your life before you decide what to settle for, my dear, kiss frogs until you land on the right one !" Akothee wrote in part.

She gave her daughter relationship advice, urging her to move on whenever it does not work. 

On cyberbullying, Akothee advised;

"You are a star, so most of the time, the Internet will want to bring you down! They will want to associate you with all kinds of bullsh*t, they will see you with your grandfather and serve tea.

Ooh anko ( Mubaba). They will be running after you with cameras, whenever you are around any male species, but hey at least it's good enough to prove you are attracted to the opposite Sex.

If they continually spot you with the same gender, they will nickname you a lesbian, which is okey, we have it in society now, no one has died on it." 

Under what circumstances should a woman provide for a man?

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