Reason Akothee built her house close to her ex-mom-in-law

Akothee reveals why her house is close to that of her ex-husbands mum

• Akothee and Jared Okello were married and have three daughters.

• Jared Okello has since moved on and has another family.

during the burial of his dad
Akothee and her ex husband Jared Okello ,and his mum during the burial of his dad
Image: Facebook

Akothee has revealed the reason she has built her house close to her ex-mother-in-law.

The mother of five was in the past married to her sweetheart Jared Okello who is father to Akothee's 3 daughters; Vesha, Rue Baby and Fancy Makadia.

A few days ago Akothee and her daughters travelled to bury Jared's dad. In one of the captions, she stated she built her home close to that of Mama Jared so that she could easily keep an eye on her.

"The love I have for my mother-in-law has never changed This Woman gave birth to The father of my kids, It's my duty to take care of her. 

Without her then there is no Jared, and there is no Vesha, Dion & Fancy. I love you Magi Nyongola I built my home next to you, so I can check up on you Keep the spirit burning mom."

Akothee said that despite parting ways with Jared, the relationship between the two families has remained cordial.

"Any woman who was once married in a family and has kids from that family. You are in that family for a course to bring unity and not division, love, and not hate.

Embrace the new family God has given you. Family is created by God, the relationship is built by God, and friendship is made by human beings Meet my bereaved families. 

My mom and my family also came to condole with us My Mom LOVES JARED & I can't tell her anything about his son In-law, Poleni."

Rue Baby said she was saddened by the loss of her grandfather and was only consoled by the fact that he was in a better place.

"I have never lost someone so close to my heart. It saddens me to let you go, grandpa. But the angels receive one more happy soul in heaven. May you rest in peace Maduma."

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