'Moya David threatened me,' Trevor Silaz reveals

Trevor has been doing similar dance content to Moya David and has amassed 530k followers on Tiktok

• Moya David is best known for the Mi Amor dance challenge where he surprises people with gifts and a rose

• Trevor has been doing dance moves similar to Moya David on Tiktok

right, in white Trevor Silaz
Left Tiktok dance Moya David right, in white Trevor Silaz
Image: Courtesy

Trevor Silaz, a budding Tiktoker has been doing surprise videos around the streets of Nairobi. His main focus starving poor people. 

He dances for them and hands them a rose, food, and some cash.

Wheels might have started turning in your head, yes it does sound kinda familiar and you are thinking of Moya David the 'Mi Amor' guy who goes around surprising people and has blown up both locally and internationally.

But it seems the ever-smiling Moya who spreads so much joy is apparently not a fan of competition. In a recent interview with Commentator, Trevor revealed that Moya wanted to gatekeep the art even though on Tiktok nothing is ever truly yours.

You start something, people like it turn it into a challenge, and voila everyone is doing it and remixing it.

Trevor revealed that Moya had called him and asked him to change because he did not appreciate how similar they looked.

"He called me and was like bro you are copying me too much, doing everything I am doing from carrying the bag to the headband and hairstyle as well. And he was like, I need you to change and stop copying me," Trevor said.

Trevor went n to add that Moya insisted he changes adding that people will accept him the way he is.

"And then he told me I am doing his moves and dressing like him but I just did it as a TikTok challenge and people loved me. If they had not accepted me I would not be having such a huge following right now.

I have like over half a million followers on Tiktok and my Instagram following has grown as well.

So that means I have my fans and they differentiate us, though some do not.

That day was tough, he gave me a lecture to the extent of going ahead and threatening me that if I continued I might find my account missing," Trevor revealed.

Trevor admitted that he knew that Tiktok is all about challenges so when he came to Nairobi and got encultured with it he decided why not try the song and dance in the streets since he really felt pity for the beggars.

"I was used to Tiktok as that is what happens as it is a challenge, I saw Moya doing the dance and I decided let me try this and go to the streets and try help the people I see in the streets," Trevor said.

"You know he can not do all this on his own, he can not go around the whole country or whole world surprising everyone. He needs people to help him," Trevor insisted trying to defend his choice of using Moya's 'content.'

Trevor finished off by adding that he had changed his choreography and was no longer dancing like Moya however, there is nothing much he can do about the flowers or gift bags because even though he used a carrier bag he would still be doing the same thing.

He also reminded Moya that the song Mi Amor is not the same and their content was not the same. Encouraging Moya to stick to his craft as he was widely known and Trevor joining the game does not mean Moya is headed for a downfall.

What is your take on all this?

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