• Moya David replied warmly to a negative comment by a fan on his Instagram page.

• The content creator clarified that the Mi Amor song is always a request from his customers.

Moya David
Street dancer Moya David
Image: courtesy

TikTok sensation Moya David replied to his fan who commented on the surprise videos that he posts on Instagram. 

Moya David made it clear to his fan that the choice of the song used in the street videos is chosen by his clients.

He explained that he gives his clients the opportunity to choose what song they want themselves.

His work is to deliver successfully what he has been asked to deliver.

A fan commented and said that she is tired of listening to the same 'Mi Amor' song every day during his surprise visits. According to the fan, Moya should consider changing it to other songs.

"Can you use other songs? I'm tired of this song now. Please use another love song," the fan commented. 

In his response, Moya David said,

"Please tell that to my clients. What the customer asks, the customer gets... on my package I give room for the clients to choose the song of his or her choice. Sasa unataka uambiwe hivi mara ngapi? Ata ringtone yako ya simu si huwa unabadilisha ukijiskia.(How many times should you be told this? You also change your ringtone only when you feel like it)."

Other fans supported him by disagreeing with the first fan's comments.

"Kwani ni wewe anaimbia ama ni clients wake (Is he singing for you or his client?). Be his client first then you'll have the right to choose whichever song you like," fan disagreed with the negative comment.

"Ala!!!tuta ku suprise na ya Embarambamba siku yako ikifika tulia madam. (We will surprise you with the Embarambamba song when your time comes. So take it easy.). The song is okay, Mi Amor any day, any time and we love it, continue doing your thing Moya, we love you," another fan showed her support.

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