Huddah exposes Kenyan influencers supporting Rihanna's brand

Buy Kenyan made by Kenyans. Build Kenya - Huddah

• Huddah went in hard on influencers who don't have a good work ethic.

says she is about to 'steal men'
Huddah Monroe says she is about to 'steal men'
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Rihanna's beauty and makeup company launched in Kenya on Thursday night and with it was a lot of fanfare. However, local celebrities who also have beauty products were not impressed.

Kate actress who normally is the life of the party at such events was missing in action, she explained why.

In a tweet, she said, "Not me missing Fenty Launch because of conflict of interest. I mean, is House of Humba Cosmetics a joke to you?"

Adding, "Big dreams. Mark this tweet. #SaveYourCenty."

Another cosmetics guru Huddah called out influencers for being posers.

In a long series of Instastories, she wrote, "Buy Kenyan made by Kenyans. Build Kenya. Empower your people and empower local businesses. Wivu tuliwachia washamba (Jealousy is for the shady peeps)."

Huddah went in hard on influencers who don't have a good work ethic. "Us Africans have a long way to go, man, we won't support local businesses for a fee but we will embrace anything foreign for free.

Kenyan influencers influence sh*t for free or for peanuts to look busy and booked. Living struggle mode lives and then when Huddah DMs them because I'm nice like that and I wanna pay, 'Ati Ksh 200,000 for a reel.' For where?"

An angry Huddah went ahead to say she did her own research on the said social media influencers and learned something interesting.

"I have seen it when they send me their rate cards. I'm like wait, let me see how many things they are selling when they post, I ask the people how much did you pay? Ati nothing 'I sent free product'  and some pay $80 to $200 max they get a reel."

She continued, "But they charge me $2000? Ati jina kubwa. Because mimi nilikuja hii mtaa. You cannot hustle a hustler!"

That said, she announced, "Meanwhile, I'm looking for honest people to review some products for me and do a video and talk about them. Lakini silipi $2000 we have $80 for 30 seconds reels."

As a parting shot, she added, "Good luck y'all for supporting abroad businesses for Free. while your local shea butter seller is asking to pay you Ksh 15,000 for a 30 seconds reel or post you refuse. They are still winning though. Keep on guys the sky is not the limit."

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