Yummy Mummy-My mummy is a reverend

Content creator Yummy Mummy's mother is an elder in the church

• Murugi said her mum gets to know a lot about her online presence although she doesn't follow her.

• Murugi had just recently spoken about aborting.

Murugi Munyi
Murugi Munyi
Image: Mercy Mumo

Kenyan content creator, Joan Munyi, features her mother a lot on her social media pages. One thing fans take note of is that her mom has aged like fine wine.

In a past interview, Murugi was asked if her mother approves of her content online.

She said, “My mum is a reverend, ni mtumishi wa mungu in many ways we are watumishi wa mungu in a way. I don’t think my mum consumes my content, I don’t even think she knows I have a podcast or the content in there or on my page.”

How then does her mum have information about what she shares online? Murugi said.

“My parents don’t follow me on social media. Unless my mum meets someone and they tell her ‘Did you see your daughter posted this?’ They know I’m a social media influencer because every time they go someplace, people introduce them as my parents they know that much but they don’t actually watch or know my content.”


“Even my mum when she is in church, there are people who go to her and start asking her questions she knows nothing about. What I always say is, in any line of work there are some things you have to sacrifice to live the life you are living.”

Will Murugi follow in her mum's footsteps ever? 

“I go to Mavuno church and we are told we are all fearless influencers which is what God calls us to be in whatever space we are.”

Murugi insisted that

 “I have been saved before but I’m not sure right now if I’m saved. But for sure I have been saved before. This life has many temptations. what I can say is that I have a relationship with God and I believe that if I died today, I will see heaven.”

Murugi recounted how her mum has not given up on her soul.

“My mum keeps telling me to recommit my life to God. Sometimes when I post a video with curse words, she calls me saying, ‘You know somebody sent me this video where you are using words that are not good.’ So I have to tell her, ‘It was by mistake, mum, I’m sorry.’.”

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