Couples should get intimate before marriage-Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy has a difference of opinion with her ex, Stivo Simple Boy

 • Pritty Vishy has revealed that she supports intimacy before marriage. 

• Vishy compared the act to taking a car for some engine testing before you take it home.

ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy
Stevo simple boy's ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Pritty Vishy has revealed that she supports intimacy before marriage.

Speaking in a quickfire interview with Spmbuzz, the content creator said couples shouldn't starve each other and even compared the act to taking a car for some engine testing before you take it home.

"Even when people go out to buy a car, they even do some testing to the engine," she said. 

Vishy's revelation contradicts her ex, Stivo Simpleboy who revealed that part of the reason the two split was that Vishy was pestering him to sleep with him.

The heshimu ndoa hit maker opened up to YouTuber, Mungai Eve that the beauty became impatient when he told her to get intimate after they tie knot. The beauty wasn't buying that and that's when she chose to dump Stivo.

 "I refused to sleep with her. I told her to be a good girl and act maturely so that we could wed. I also told her that we would get there (being intimate) after our wedding but she couldn't wait. She then decided to leave me saying I am too religious," Stivo explained.

However, when she was asked about Stivo's statement, Vishy refuted such claims saying they actually never got to sleep on the same bed.

"Nimeona hiyo story nikashagaa (I was shocked after seeing the story). We have never had sex, nor have we slept in the same bed. He's a shy man," Pritty said. 

The content creator added that Stivo used to live in a single room with his sister who is married and hence the two never got a chance to get intimate.

In a previous interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Pritty, who started dating Stivo in 2019 added that she had 3 'Wababas' and they would spoil her more than the singer could. 

"I have ever cheated on him, but with a Mubaba (an old man) 3 Wababas. The Wababas used to spoil me with money, Stevo did not know it. I do not feel guilty about it, there is no room for regret," she said 

After announcing their break-up, Pritty says more older men are preying on her in social media DMs.

"There are Wababas in my DM, some of them are so old. But I reformed, I can not go back. My DM is so full."

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