Sonko responds to woman suing him for 450k child support

Mike Sonko agrees to take care of his child after he was sued

• Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko responds to claims that he neglected a child he sired with a woman 15 years ago.

• Mike Sonko asked the woman to avail the child in question to him as he was ready to take up the responsibility.

in a file photo
Mike Sonko in a file photo
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Former Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko, has responded to claims that he had neglected one of his children.

Sonko through his social media pages said he was ready to, "Give the kid the best of what life has to offer".

He then asked the woman to avail the child in question to him as he was ready to take up the responsibility.

"Which trouble I'm in now? Just like Jesus said, 'Let children come to me...' Am kindly asking the lady alleging that she has my 15 years old kid to bring the kid to me," Sonko wrote in part.

He added;

"I’ll give the kid the best of what life has to offer. My family keeps on growing bigger day in and day out, I feel happy and blessed adopting orphans, street families, and neglected kids in my home."

Mike Sonko also added that even if the said 15-year-old is not his, he is willing to take up the responsibility.

"Even if the child is not mine she can still bring him to me I'll take care of him. In case there is any other woman who can't take care of their children, let them bring them over to me I'll look after them. It’s hard but fun being Mike Sonko," he said.

On Monday, a woman had taken Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to court over accusations of neglecting their 15-year-old daughter.

In the court papers, the woman claims Sonko has refused to take his parental responsibility and now wants the court to intervene.

“The applicant and the respondent are the biological parents of the minor. The defendant has refused and or neglected to provide for the minor with adequate and or basic necessities such as education, good health food, clothing, shelter, entertainment and medication,” read in part court papers dated May 12..

The case has been filed at the magistrate court in Ngong, Kajiado county.

The woman through Lawyer Dan Okemwa wants Sonko compelled to pay monthly upkeep of Sh448,450.

She wants Sonko compelled to contribute Sh50,000 for food and shopping, 45,000 for rent, 30,000 for security, 20,000 for clothing, 20,000 for a househelp, Sh20,000 medical cover, Sh4000 minor’s salon expenses, Sh5000 for DStv, Sh50,000 for minors school debit card, Sh5000 for gas among others.

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