'We have suffered a great loss,' - Akothee eulogizes her father-in-law

Akothee loses her father-in-law, father to her ex husband Jared Okello

•Akothee's daughter Makadia won't attend the burial as she is sitting her exams.

•Akothee will be atending the burial with Jared's daughters Rue and Vesha Okello.

set for a world tour
Singer Akothee set for a world tour
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Akothee and her daughters are mourning the death of their loved one.

This was after Akothee's ex-husband Jared Okello lost his dad.

The mother of five took to her social media to share photos of herself and her daughters Vesha and Rue going to bid the old man farewell.

"Earlier today, heading to Kanga For the last respect of my father-in-law.

Evans Otieno Maduma, The only biological father to my ex-husband Jared Okello Otieno.

And a grandfather to my daughters with me is Jared's daughters Rue and Vesha , fancy could not make it she has exams.

We have suffered a great loss. R. I . P Baba. We shall then visit kanga boys high school we have an assignment."

Akothee and Jared were married for years before they chose to go their separate ways.

In a past post, Akothee said that breaking up with Jared broke the hearts of their daughters Rue, Vesha, and Makadia.

'It's easier said than done, but I tell you, divorce is worse than death, especially when children are involved.

I would never ever wish for any parents to divorce after living together for years and bringing up their children as a family, I am not saying you stay in a toxic, violent unsatisfactory relationship.

But if it ever happens that there is a need to break up then please try to do it discreetly without involving your children

Like most mothers, Akothee says she did everything she could to protect her kids to help them cope.

'The only medal CUP I gained is trying as much as possible to cover my children's eyes never to see their father as an enemy it was hard.

I took bullets, I broke down when bills were overwhelming, and my children never saw my tears, after my divorce, they only learned about my struggles on social media, when I started sharing my past.

My children will never understand when I have money or not, they have never seen me struggle they think I have all solutions in the world and that's my strength."

Akothee says with time his daughters adjusted to the situation although it was not an easy thing to do.

Jared is present in the lives of his daughters despite him having another family.

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