Akothee-Most people don't really understand the meaning of wealth

Akothee had some great advise for her millions of fans

• Akothee says being wealthy is not about how much you have but it is about how healthy and sane you are.

• Akothee encouraged her fans to evaluate their success and not bring others down

Singer Akothee
Singer Akothee
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Singer and businesswoman Akothee has advised her fans to focus on growing themselves rather than working on bringing others down.

In a post on her social media, the singer highlighted the importance of using our energy in building ourselves.

The single mother of five added that people have a different meaning of being wealthy but according to her, it is someone who is healthy and sane and one who gets done with no supervision.

Here is Akothee's food of thought about being successful;

"Most people don't really understand the meaning of wealth, a wealthy person is a person who is healthy with a sane mind & can get things done under no supervision this is the only way you can accumulate wealth," she wrote.

Akothee further added;

"Most people are poor, because of their poor mentality and approach to life, if you wake up in the morning and all you think about is other people's lives, then get ready to live a bitter and miserable life. If at 30 years, you haven't figured out about your life and still stumbling over everything, then please call yourself a meeting you still have time most people waste their time figuring out how to bring others down, since those up are already above them, but come to think of it.

How can you break a wall that you didn't build or have no idea of how it was built? Why don't you use that energy to build yourself? did you know that you use 10% talking about yourself, and 90% talking about others?"

Akothee then challenged her fans to analyze themselves and find out if they can talk about their achievements to people without focusing on others.

"Can you introduce yourself for about 20 minutes without jumping onto other topics of who did what wrong? can you talk about yourself, your investments, your current situation, your future plans, your wins and your failures, your achievements & your challenges?

This is a meeting I call myself every other day, Gossip is sweat and nourishes the heart of those living in denial, they want to make it in life so badly but they are probably weak to attack life or they have no idea of where to start from."


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