• Black Cinderella says she would never settle for a stingy or poor guy.

Black Cinderella
Image: Instagram

Mbaitu FM radio presenter Maureen Imbai took to her Instagram page and lambasted stingy men and advised them to change their women's life.

She says that she will never get married to a stingy man.

According to Black Cinderella, every woman should have iPhone 13 pro max and it is the responsibility of the man they are dating or married to, to get them the iPhone.

She provides a solution to men who would say they do not have enough money to get the phone and tells them to sell one of their kidneys to be able to afford the iPhone.

"You are sleeping comfortably with your two kidneys and yet your girlfriend doesn't have iPhone 13pro max??? Shame on you. Heartless person," she wrote.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress Black Cinderella says she will only get married to a man if he agrees to sell his kidney, his liver and also get to buy her cooking oil.

She made it clear that she will never say 'yes' to a stingy man.

"Two Kidneys for what?? Wait oo, kidney that you will waste with alcohol. sell it my brother and change your woman's life.

Don't be stingy. Kujeni mnitusi, (bring forth your insults).

As for me, I will marry a boyfriend that will sell his liver and buy me cooking oil. the country is hard right now. After all, when God removed one of your ribs to create me you did not die." she wrote.

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