Gukena FM's Kajim denies his wife loved him for his money

Kajim says he has gotten more opportunities after marriage.

• Fan said if Wambui met Kajim when he was broke, she would not have loved him.

Kajim with his wife Wambui
Kajim with his wife Wambui
Image: courtesy

Gukena FM's Kajim says being with the right relationship has made him become the best version of himself.

In a post on his social media, Kajim was celebrating his wife Silvana Wambui as his 'WCW'.

"When you’re in the right relationship, you will naturally become the best version of yourself.

Your partner will awaken the parts of you that you have been craving transformation but you haven’t yet had a reason to transform."

Kajim in another interview said he has gotten more opportunities after he got married.

"My wife has been my support system since I met her. I feel bad when I read negative comments about marriage. For me, to say the truth, I can't account for the years I was single yet, I was making money from gigs."

"The right person will make you chase your dreams because you’ll know someone believes in you.

The right person will encourage you to speak up for yourself because they will value your voice.The right person will always be there for you, even if you fail.

They will not try to manipulate you into being what they want you to be.

Thank you my Wambui for staying by my side.I can proudly say mimi “Hupangwa” na “Nimepangwa”Bibi yangu"

However, a fan identified as Anne Kiarie said that were it not for money, Kajim's wife would not have stuck by him something he denied.

"Ann Kiarie not really I found her working and I was working too…Through togetherness and through her support we have birthed Jim collections ,& Jim Express Car Wash they were not there before…I allowed her to shape me and these are the results.I believe when you give the right woman a seed she multiplies it to greatness."

His wife said when they met, he did not show the money side of him.

"To be honest if it was money i was looking for i wouldn’t have chosen him,,he never showed that side of him when we were dating

The two are celebrating one year in marriage in May this year.

They are also expecting their child together.

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