Kajim: How I was conned off a motorbike and cash

•  'I went home a very disappointed man.' - Kajim

Kajim with his wife
Image: courtesy

Gukena FM radio presenter Kajim says he was once conned a few years after high school.

Sharing his experience with Ala C, Kajim says he was referred to his first job by the Principal of Makwa high school.

"I became a cashier, after high school.

I left high school on a Wednesday, I got a call on Thursday from my principal. He told me he wanted me to go to a certain hotel in Thika.

When I got there, I found a certain lady only to find it was his wife. She trained me for two days and I kick-started my job as a cashier.

I was trained for two days."

Kajim says by the time he learned he had been conned it was a little too late.

"I was called by a certain number saying their relative was involved in an accident. They told me to call a certain number which I did, at the time I was very naive.

After one month the same people called me to 'thank me', for helping them.

In that process, they told me they work in Uganda/Tanzania where they bring motorbikes to Kenya.

They wanted to gift me with a motorbike for being kind.

I was very excited we even prayed on the phone, I called my grandmother to tell her about the exciting news."

Adding, "I even called a friend who knew how to ride a bike. They called us they were on the way but had been stopped by the police and they wanted 2K which I sent them.

They asked for another 2K which I sent. Not long after that, they told me they had bumped into another police roadblock so I sent them 2K.

Later when I tried calling them the phone was not going through. I went home a very disappointed man."

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