• Kajim said there was no rejection after her mum passed on.

Comedian MC Jimmie Kajim
Comedian MC Jimmie Kajim
Image: courtesy

Gukena FM's comedian MC Jimmie Kajim has paid tribute to his late mum.

Speaking in a recent interview with Ala C, Kajim said his mum passed on when he was in class five.

"I was born the only child and my mum Lucy Wambui passed on when I was in class 5," he said.

"I was very young but my grandma took me in and raised me plus my other family members were very supportive."

Unlike most family stories where kids left by their parents are mistreated, Kajim said there was no rejection.

"I also got saved at a young age and that helped me to heal.  That void was not felt and through God, I was able to overcome that gap.

Kajim said he is grateful that his mum laid a strong church foundation in him while young.

"The most important thing she did was take me to the house of God. That is where everything changed for me. I have become a better person because of my mum's foundation in the church. I got saved in 2007 and God has been lifting me since then."

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