• Diamond beef with Alikiba started when he removed Kiba's ad-libs on his song 'Lala Salama'

Diamond and Ali Kiba
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz has addressed his long-standing beef with bongo singer Ali Kiba.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Diamond explained his song 'Nawaza' which he addressed his issue with Kiba.

In the song, he said that after deep thought he has realized they differ over petty things like fanbase and popularity.

"Nilowaza leo nishawaza sana, mi na Kiba ugomvi kipi nikagundua ni ushamba na ujana wa kugombania mashabiki."

In the interview, Diamond said his beef started when Kiba refused to work with him in one of his songs 'Lala Salama.'

Kiba added that he respects the singer as he has been able to maintain his status in the industry.

"There is so much market out there instead of us fighting for fans in the country. I am cool with everyone," he said.

Diamond explained;

"I respect Ali, he has been maintaining his status. We have had our fights.

What happened is that I wanted us to work with him. He found me in the studio and I played him my song 'Lala Salama' and he said he wanted to feature in it, he then said he can only ad-lib the song but it did not sound well like that. He refused to do a verse and I decided to sing the whole song."

Diamond insisted that has no beef in the industry.

"I was very okay with everyone. I am doing well and I know so much. I respect him (Kiba). If there is any other beef, I do not know about it but I am okay and I have no problem with him.

The comparison I still don't have an issue with him I have invited him to my shows. You don't have to beef with me to be big."

Diamond said he becomes angry when trolls disrespect him.

"Let us all have our respect. Stealing my respect is what angers me. I will beat you in my marketing strategy, performance, looks and other things."

Adding, "People you trust can turn out to be your enemies."

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