Sharon Otieno and baby's injuries too severe for them to survive

• The late Sharon Otieno and her baby were murdered on September 3, 2018

in a file photo
The late Sharon Otieno in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Douglas Otieno, the late Sharon Otieno's father, was filled with emotion when images of Sharon's 28-week-old foetus were displayed in court with intestines hanging out of its body.

The courtroom which included first suspect, Migori Governor Okoth Obado, sat transfixed as the image showed extensive damage inflicted on the foetus.

the Migori Governor
Okoth Obado the Migori Governor
Image: Enos Teche

Government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor said that she had suffered seven stab and two slash wounds.

He added that the first stab wound was so severe that it went through her womb ultimately lead to the death of the unborn baby.

For her part, Sharon died as a result of severe haemorrhage because of the penetrating force trauma on her neck, stomach and back. 

in a file photo
The late Sharon Otieno in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Dr Samson Wanjala, a consultant on obstetrics and gynaecology, who is a consultant at Nairobi Hospital, said the baby was never given a chance to survive because of the environment in which the death occurred.

 “From my experience, a 28-week foetus is a normal human being with all its features. It has normal hands, legs and limbs, all features of an adult person. The only problem the premature baby may have is lung maturity.

If we had the chance, we would have gotten the loops of bowels that were hanging out because of bleeding back inside.

But this would only have been possible if the environment had been different. Meaning if there was a hospital nearby and doctors to give the foetus medical intervention it deserves.”

 The case will proceed on March 22.

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