Corazon gushes about Frankie 1 week after break-up (screenshot)

The socialite praised Frankie for being a great father

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie
Image: Mercy Mumo

Corazon Kwamboka shocked many Kenyans last week when she announced that she and the baby daddy of her two kids, Frankie were done as a couple.

But while many might have expected some bad blood between the two after their split, Corazon and Frankie move different.

The ex-couple is doing co-parenting in a mature way, meaning the kids aren't suffering the effects of their parents going their separate ways.

Frankie and Corazon in earlier times
Image: Courtesy

This was proven in a recent message that Corazon posted on her Instagram page where she wrote, 

"Cheers to supporting fathers. Us moms can't even be able to take such breaks if we didn't have dads willing to step up no matter the situation. At Frankie Kiarie I appreciate you."

Corazon praises Frankie
Image: Courtesy

In another of her screenshots, she spoke on her motherhood journey and declared that she didn't care what people thought of the way she does it.

She wrote,

"I'm a modern mom, I don't care how people look at me or judge me for dressing up, having wine, using formula, taking vacays. I dictate the rules of my 'motherhood.' Besides a happy mom is a better mom. That said I miss my children, but I'm looking forward for the first uninterrupted night in over 70 days."

What I can say is that the two are showing that things don't have to be contentious even after a break-up. That parents can put aside their issues for the sake of the kids.

Corazon Kwamboka screenshot 2
Image: Courtesy
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