• Kwamboka welcomed her second child in December.

Corazon Kwamboka
Image: Instagram

Corazon Kwamboka has revealed she is struggling to lose weight.

Unlike her first pregnancy, Kwamboka says this time it has been harder to lose weight due to slowed metabolism in her 30s.

Through her Instastories, she says she plans on starting Intermittent Fasting (IF).

”I swear once you hit the 30s losing weight is so hard. I’m not even overeating. Yes, my weight has just stagnated. I’m 15 kg over my weight before Taiyari.”

Corazon Kwamboka

Kwamboka has always awed many at how quickly her body bounces back after delivery. She says her genetics have played a part as to where fat is deposited hence she has no bulging belly despite delivering two kids via a CS.

Through her socials, Kwamboka advised;

"Snapping back is purely a genetic trick. If you store fat on your belly snapping back wont be immediate, so there is no need to panic about something you have no control over. I genetically store fat on my thighs that's my challenge area."

Kwamboka further advised moms not to take the advice, 'eat for two' literally, as sometimes it's never that serious.

"As long as you are healthy and happy don't worry about snapping back. Give yourself time and enjoy being a mum. Appreciate your new body. Don't compare your snapback with Instagram people. We are all different."

Kwamboka would initially work out alongside her baby daddy Frankie GymIt. Now that the two have broken up sijui ataanza wapi.

Truth be told she looks better than most ladies who have never carried a pregnancy, so she shouldn't be bothered much about her weight.

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