• He also alleged that Sonie had vowed to never introduce him as Keilah's dad.

Mulamwah with Carrol Sonie in the happy past
Image: Courtesy

The drama between comedian Mulamwah and his baby Mama Sonie is not ending anytime soon.

The two 'broke up' in September last year and since then, have been airing their dirty linen on social media.

Just days after he alleged that Sonie was a gold-digger, Mulamwah has insinuated that he hasn't been meeting his daughter Keilah.

Mulamwah also alleged that Sonie had decided to change the names of their daughter. He also alleged that Sonie had vowed to never introduce him as Keilah's dad.

A fan asked Mulamwah, "How often do you see Keilah?"

Mulamwah with Carrol Sonie in the past
Image: Courtesy

Mulamwah responded,

"Honestly ata sijui kama bado anaitwa Keilah, (I don't know if she is still called Keilah) the mother tolm me she will change the names and tell the kid babake alikufa. My family has never seen the kid  (she refused to bring her home) alikataa kumleta home she even shaved her against our norms.

In an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Mulamwah said he is providing for his daughter.

"This is my baby and in fact, she shouldn't lack anything. She should not! I am there as a father and I am still providing. That's the joy, what am I making money for if not for the girl."

Mpasho.co.ke reached out to Sonie for comment with the content creator stating that she wouldn't speak as she respected her daughter.

"I am very careful on what to speak in public. My daughter is growing and she will read all these things."

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