How to tell a man is a mama's boy (List)


• He will always make a comparison of your dressing code with that of his mother

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It is very understandable and normal for men to be closer to their moms than their Dads but it can also be annoying.

Especially if your man cannot make any decisions without consulting their mothers first.

Below are the signs that will serve as a guide on how to identify men who still are excessively attached to their mothers.

He idolizes his mother

Moms are the best and need to be appreciated because they are our pillars and have helped us make it in life but that does not mean that they are meant to be worshiped like a god.

Men who idolize their moms can never see any flow in them even when they are in the wrong.

This kind of character is very frustrating since you will always be conflicting with him because you will be arguing over her.

She's his number one priority

In marriage, your partner should always be your first priority and their happiness should always come first.

Mama's boys always put their mothers first by prioritizing their needs over their wives, putting them first in all the decisions they make.

For instance, when the mother urgently needs some money and the wife had requested some a while back, they will definitely sort out their mothers before their wives.

WE all know our mothers struggled to raise us but  men should know where to draw the boundaries.

He runs every decision by her.

Consulting your parents and getting an insight about a certain issue is good and healthy.

But when your husband always consults the mother on  major decisions in his life such as buying a piece of land, deciding the school to take his kids, what to do with his salary, can raise an alarm as that is being too much.

They even can make a choice on petty issues such as, what to wear for a certain occasion he is supposed to attend, which wine to order on a dinner date with your wife.

He still lives with his mother

With the financial constraints young men are facing, majority of them are still back at home with their parents until they are financially stable to live on their own which is okay.

But for  Men above thirty years of age should have their own places, focusing on how to build their future and thinking of ways to make money that will make life comfortable for his own family.

In some cases you find men with big kids out there still living under the roof of their moms,being fed and provided for everything.

Indulges his mother in PDA

Public display of affection by a mother to a son is okay but at times it goes overboard when the man gets to start weird with their mothers.

Holding hands on the streets or kissing on the lips will always send the wrong message making people uncomfortable and very concerned about the kind of relationship between the two.

 She always visits unannounced

Men who are okay with their mothers visiting abruptly without calling prior so that certain arrangements can be made are always looking for trouble.

They are often intruding on your privacy, complaining about how you live in your own home, and often dictating how you should treat her son.

He can't survive on his own

These type of men never know how to do things for themselves.

Majority of them don't know how to clean their own clothes, cook for themselves, do the dishes, mop the house and even decide which meal to cook if left by themselves.

They certainly can't take care of their own kids if they are left with them. They are often untidy and very disorganized when it comes to tidying up their homes.

He compares you to her

It is always so annoying how they will compare almost everything about you with their mothers. For instance, he will always make a comparison of your dressing code with that of his mother, your cooking, your cleaning, and even how you raise your kids.

He will always say words like "my mom does this, you should also do it"."My mom taught me this, you should also try out".

It is never a pleasure having such kind of partners because it only shows how discontented they are.

He becomes a child around her.

Does your man allow his mother to nurture his needs whenever she is around? Does he behave like a needy child around his mom?

Does he love being babied and pampered all the time ? Watch out for such kind of a man because it clearly shows that he has not yet grown up and still depends on his mother like a baby.

He is always talking  on the phone with the mother

A man who calls his mom to check up on her is very sweet but when he is always glued to his phone chatting, snap chatting, and face timing every single minute of his day, can be very alarming and very much irritating.

Some will even do the unimaginable and share everything about your bedroom affairs, marriage problems, his love affairs and even start gossiping like market women.

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