Joho and Madini during their wedding day
Image: Courtesy

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, who recently parted way with his former wife, has said he would continue supporting his children but would not buy her a house.

Joho’s Italian ex-wife Madina Giovanni Fazzini had issued some demands before the two dissolved their marriage.

Fazzini, 32, was married to Joho under Islamic law on February 11, 2011. They are blessed with two daughters, now aged nine and eight years.

On January 26, this year, Fazzini filed a divorce case at the Kadhi’s Court in Mombasa, saying that their 11-year marriage had broken down irretrievably, with no chances of revival.

On February 4, Joho through his lawyer signed a consent to end the marriage with his wife. A certificate of divorce was issued by Chief Kadhi on the same day.

Fazzini appeared for the matter in person, but the governor sent his lawyer to represent him.

According to sources privy to the matter, Fazzini had demanded a new house and children upkeep, among other things from the flamboyant governor.

“The governor agreed to continue supporting the children but refused to approve the issue of buying a new house for the ex-wife. He was categorical that he will only continue to support the family,” said the source.

Joho is said to have provided evidence to prove that he has been supporting the children and their mother.

The children are below 18 years, therefore they will continue being under the custody of Fazzini.

In the court document seen by the Star, Joho said he is not opposed to the issue of divorce and the custody of children.

"I have instructions from my client not to oppose the issue of divorce. My client also does not oppose the plaintiff to have the custody of the children," read part of the court documents.

In his ruling, Kadhi agreed to dissolve the marriage.

"The custody of the two minors is thereby vested in the plaintiff. However, the defendant to have reasonable access to the minors," ruled the Kadhi.

Joho is said to have moved out of their matrimonial home in 2013, just two years after he got married to Fazzini, who was his second wife.

The governor is said to have parted ways with his first wife in a similar manner.

Fazzini said she continued living in their matrimonial house with her children until September 2020 when she moved out and relocated to Malindi, where she currently lives.

Her parents are staying in Malindi.

According to Fazzini, each party has been living separately since 2013 that is the reason why she opted for an official divorce.

“There is no hope or possibility of reconciliation or compromise of whatsoever nature between me and the governor,” reads part of her sworn affidavit.

She said the marriage cannot be sustained either legally or socially.

She also said she had not been coerced into filing the matter and had done so by her own volition.

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