Alikiba speaks after divorce story hit the headlines

Alikiba has 15 days to respond to the divorce petition

• The romance is over. The love has ended. All that is left is regret, pain and tears.

Ali Kiba
Alikiba Ali Kiba
Image: Instagram

Bongo star Alikiba and the wife Amina Khalef are divorcing.

The romance is over. The love has ended. All that is left is regret, pain and tears.

According to the divorce papers, Alikiba has 15 days to respond to papers filed at the Kadhi’s Court in Mombasa, a failure to which the matter will continue in his absence.

“Should you fail to appear within the time mentioned above, the plaintiff may proceed with the suit and judgment given in your absence,” reads  Kadhi’s order

In the suit, Amina's claim said she left her matrimonial home in Tanzania on or about October 2018.

She said she left due to her mental health while pregnant and as a result of the conflict with Kiba and his family.  

“The petitioner (Amina) delivered her firstborn on February 19, 2019, and as is the cultural tradition of the Muslims in Mombasa remained at her family home for 40 days,” Amina’s petition reads.

She said upon returning to her matrimonial home in April 2019, she found out that the living arrangement at Kiba’s home was not conducive for her mental health.

  • Amina said friction arose between her and Kiba’s relatives and friends living at the matrimonial home.
  • Maintenance provided by Kiba was insufficient and would come after a push and pull between the couple.
  • Kiba is also being accused of deserting their marriage.
  • Amina cited infidelity.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Frustrations from in-laws were among the issues that led her to settle on the dissolution of the union. Amina said this started barely six months after the wedding.

Well, today Alikiba has posted on his social media celebrating one of his children's birthdays.

He wrote, "Halizuki jambo bila Mwenyezi MUNGU kutaka yote Kheri Happy birthday SON NAKUPENDA SANA Usinisahau ❤️  @keyaanalikiba #KingKiba. (Nothing happens without God's knowledge and will. Happy birthday, son. I love you, never forget that.)"

Here are reactions to the post that came right after news hit the headlines that Alikiba's wife has filed for divorce.

itsray340: Mjifunze kuithamini familia kwanza kabla ya wengine.hbd mtoto mzuri.

rukia309: Bora tumepata tumbegu twakiarabu.

mbembelatv: Hi caption 😪

tumusiime_1: You've been through a lot till this stage of your life and career! This too will pass bro! Take heart!

marsleny3: Wasani muoane wenyewe kwa wenyewe coz nyie ndio munajuana kazi zenu na magumu munayopitia.


honest_siasi: kuwa na furahaaaa tuuu mengine uchawiii tuuuu.

homedecor_house: Everything happens for a reason.

irenbaracka: Daah inauma.

munikome: Mtoto ni baraka happy birthday baby boy talaka ya mama yake vipi?

_martializer: Stay strong king❤️❤️.

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