Musician upset after power company disconnects her electricity line

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo
Image: Instagram


Nyota Ndogo is seething today after the actions of Kenya's most competent company, Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC).

She complained that the company that sells electricity had cut her power connection over a KSh 22,297 bill.

She added that the KPLC officials had removed wires from the pole connecting power to the house despite paying the bill via M-Pesa. 

Noting on Facebook she wrote,

"Jamani kwani mimi ni kriminali? Sikua nimeona wameandika nini wakaeka kwa mita. After nimelipa ndio nimegundua wamekata waya kwa pole. Yani wanafanyiaga hivi watu WA madeni ya laki mbili kwenda mbele yani 200k kwenda mbele. Yani aliefanya hivi ametaka kunionyesha wewe na unyota wako utalala gizani. Ama nyinyi mashabiki mumenilaani after Ile coming soon yangu nilioandika? Basi nisameheni."

(Am I a criminal? I had not seen the note they left behind in the meter. I just realised they removed the wires from the pole after paying my bill. I thought this only affects those people with high bills of over KSh 200,000...The person who did this wanted to show me that even as a celebrity I can sleep in darkness. Or is it you my fans who have cursed me? Please forgive me)

The note left behind by KPCL read: "Meter number 61990152. Reading: 19098. Disconnected at the pole. Debt, KSh 22, 297. Contact KPLC customer service, Voi.

Nyota's case comes at a time when complaints of KPLC disconnecting electricity for paying customers have been on the rise.

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