Brendah Jons reveals identity of her new girlfriend

Brendah Jons caused a hullabaloo among her fans yesterday when she engaged with them in a QnA on her Instagram page.

The actress and comedian was asked questions about her current relationship status, something that fans always ask her when she does things like this.

Brendah who isn't afraid to be open about her LGBTQ lifetsyle, revealed that she has a girlfriend whom she identified as Shee Pap.

Brendah Jons 'girlfriend'
Image: Courtesy

This comes a day after the controversial content creator had denied that she was in a relationship with anyone.

Brendah Jons Instalive relationship response
Image: Courtesy

Let's not forget that Brendah was in the news 4 months ago after she publicly harangued her ex-girlfriend for allegedly cheating on her with a female celeb.

Brendah, popularly known as Mama Plesident Kingston had gone public about her sexual orientation and also introduced said girlfriend. 

“By the way guys, I’m telling you for sure, I am very gay…This is my girlfriend,” she stated. Brenda also claimed that the two had already introduced each other to their respective families, adding that she still loves her despite the cheating.

“I had invested even in the family. We had already done a family introduction. My mother knew her and her mum knows me. I even sent her mum money when her mum is down. I did everything for that girl. I still love that girl, I am broken but I’ll be okay,” she added. 

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