Brendah Jons shattered the internet this weekend when she unleashed a video of herself kissing her girlfriend.

But that wouldn't be the most scandalous thing about her revelation! The YouTuber would go on to claim that her girlfriend had cheated on her with a prominent female beauty influencer!

As a result, Brendah narrated that she went to the club that her girlfriend was at and beat her and the lady she was cheating with; In an Instagram Live, Jons said she did this at a popular club in town.

"I beat them, I am very sure they have injuries, I beat them with a Shisha bong. I beat them so much and then told my girlfriend 'Baby talk to me, tell me why you are doing this to me' and the only thing she said was 'I need to take alcohol'."

Jons added that she was allegedly chased out of the club for the violence.

This is where I come in. Why isn't Brendah being lampooned for her admission? Why aren't the social justice warriors coming out to cancel her for her claim that she assaulted two other females?

Just imagine if it had been a male celebrity admitting to assaulting his girlfriend and her lover with a shisha bong?

Do you think the reaction would have been the same? Nope. The social justice warriors would have strung him up and demanded that he lose everything from his job, reputation, to his livelihood.

The answer as to why Brendah's story will not get this reaction is pretty simple, it is because she is a woman.

The world and primarily social justice warriors treat violence differently based on the gender that did it.

Now, why is this an issue? Because people who identify and support the LGBTQ community is rising in the world, even in Kenya.

As such people cannot keep on ignoring violence within the lesbian community, which studies have shown to be very high in western countries.

Why? Because ignoring gender violence perpetrated by a woman to another woman, in essence, legitimises it.

Social justice warriors should be very concerned that Brendah wasn't one bit concerned about confessing to the violence against her lover.

It shows that some women aren't afraid of the repercussions that come with putting their hands on another woman or man for that matter, because there are none. 

It shows that social politics worldwide (which is run on Twitter by the social justice warrior mob) have normalised this type of violence by being keeping quiet about it. As they say, silence is consent.

But what do I know? 

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