Brendah Jons was the woman of the moment this weekend after she declared she was a proud member of the LGBTQ community.

The prominent YouTube content creator did so when she unleashed a video of her passionately kissing her girlfriend.

But things would take a nasty turn with Brendah claiming that that same girlfriend had cheated on her with another prominent female celeb, who I cannot mention here.

Brendah isn't the only female celeb embracing lesbian love. This year, Noti Flow and her girlfriend have shown the world that they aren't afraid to declare their love for all and sundry to see.

Former BBC journalist and Tahidi High actress, Makena Njeri also came out of the closet a few months.

But while the women above have bravely come out to declare their love for their fellow women, there are many other female celebs who are living the life but keeping it incognito.

This is where I come in. In my many years of writing, I have had numerous tales and rumours about the thriving lesbian scene among our female celebs.

The reason I cannot write about them with authority is that never outs gay celebs unless they do it themselves. 

Thing is, the rumours keep swirling around and after this recent incident where Brendah accused another female celeb of being in the LBGTQ community, I feel that I need to touch on some of these rumours.

Let's begin. The first case I heard was about a pretty content creator who was found in her marital bed with two other female musicians by her doting hubby.

After that, the couple would silently go their separate ways although they had just gotten a child together!

In another instance, it is alleged that a certain socialite cut ties with a prominent beauty influencer after she was photographed with her mortal enemy.

But that might just have been the cover story. Apparently, the socialite was upset that the beauty influencer had moved on to another female socialite, who is the toast of the town at the moment.

Another case that comes to mind is about a certain female musician who is known to be quite the lothario. She will make women fall for her, slicing their men so much so that she has received threats from some of those men. Yep, you read that right!

Another instance involves a triumvirate of popular female celebs who always declare their love for each other on social media.

They even take girl's trips alone together but the rumour is that their relationship is more than meets the eye and might be s3xual.

The last instance involves a prominent actress who came out as gay on her social media this year. The mother of 2 allegedly had an affair with another female celeb who had her nudes leaked a few years ago.

These are just a few of the affairs that are going on in the secretive lesbian scene in the entertainment industry.

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