Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's private wedding
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's private wedding
Image: Mdundo Studio 254

Newly weds Guardian Angel and Esther Musila are currently enjoying their honeymoon.

The couple exchanged vows at a private wedding last week.

At the reception party attended by 50 of their close friends and family, Esther gave a moving speech about her life and love for her hubby.

"I'm lucky to have a very good childhood. I was brought up in a very good family. Me and my brother are like twins. We are 11 months apart. We have never fought we have each other's backs I give thanks to our parents because they instilled family values in us."

She continued, "I got married early. Got my kids early and seeing where I am today...."

Pausing, she added, "If Maina Kageni had not given me the opportunity to meet Guardian...the reason why I asked to meet Guardian was not for anything it is because of a song he sang and i heard it and Maina used to play it for me on the radio.

This is a song that spoke to me personally. And because it was my prayer that when I get to 50 that God just turns my life and give me a 360 and he did it through the Rada song."

Esther narrated their first meeting that led to their love story being the talk of the town.

"Two weeks after meeting him, he conned me into being a vixen in his song. I thought that is easy," she said.

"Actually, sijui aliniingiza aje box but I keep saying this is God's doing. God knew I needed someone in my life who would love me unconditionally. Someone who would not care about where I came from what I did or didn't do."

She explained, "I don't know what Guardian Angel saw in me, he has taught me, first, humility, kids know, me I scream, he has taught me patience."

Turning to Guardian she said, "You have changed me in so many ways and to love me was the icing on the cake. You taught me how to love God first."

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