What Esther Musila's cream wedding gown signifies

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's private wedding
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila's private wedding
Image: Mdundo Studio 254

Yesterday, Esther Musila walked down the aisle towards the love of her life, Guardian Angel at a garden wedding.

The theme of the wedding was cream, pink and green.

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Netizens were wondering why she wore a cream wedding gown.

Well, according to pundits, an off white color, usually champagne or cream wedding gown symbolizes innocence.

Some brides would view off-white shades as a unique colour.

Here are what the other colours on wedding gowns symbolize.

White Wedding Dress

The most traditional color for wedding dresses today. It symbolizes purity, innocence, light, virginity and positivity. It’s the quintessential bridal look.

Ivory Wedding Dress

Ivory is often considered a shade of a ‘white’ wedding dress. As such, it holds the same symbolism as white dresses.

Red Wedding Dress

In many Eastern cultures like China and India, red is the color of choice for traditional bridal dresses. However, red symbolizes passion, love, excitement and energy. It’s a daring color to opt for and not everyone can pull it off. It’s perfect if you’re not afraid to make a statement.

Lavender Wedding Dress

Lavender is a variation of purple, coming on the lighter end of the purple spectrum. While purple represents royalty, lavender represents beauty and sophistication. It’s a graceful, feminine color, ideal for a bride who wants to give the image of a sophisticated, stylish image. 

Orange Wedding Dress

Orange is not a common color for wedding dresses and that alone makes it a great choice for a striking, statement look. Orange is connected to joy, sunshine, youthful positivity and happiness. It’s a color that radiates energy and a fun-loving nature but isn’t as in-your-face as red.

Silver Wedding Dress

Silver is a stylish, sophisticated color that radiates class and gives the bride a calm and confident look.

Black Wedding Dress 

Black might seem like a strange color for a wedding dress. It’s not for the faint-hearted or someone who loves tradition. It’s a classy, elegant look representing power, strength, confidence and wealth.

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