Samidoh sings about climbing Karen Nyamu in explicit performance

That Mugithi music has a lot of adult content contained within its lyrics is something that is often understated.

Even gengetone rappers would blush in embarrassment were they to know what those Kikuyu speaking musicians were saying in their songs.

Yes, Mugithi music is filled with explicit content especially as far as sexual innuendo goes. That whole introduction was to prepare you for this story.

Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh decided to remind people that his long hiatus in America had not blunted his tongue as far as dirty Mugithi lyrics go.

At a recent New Year's live performance, the singer waxed erotic about his baby mama, politician Karen Nyamu, with his lyrics leaving nothing to the imagination.

Loosely translated from Kikuyu, Samidoh can be heard saying, 'When I climb Nyamu, I climb her real good!'

Hehe! No chills! 

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