The day Samidoh was a 'bouncer' for Diamond and Tanasha

Samidoh has sparked hilarity online after posting a photo of himself behind Tanasha Donna and Diamond when they were still together.

The Mugithi musician put up the image on his Instagram page where he joked, "Ni kama pia u bouncer ilikuwa inikubali hapa."

Many of his fans were shocked that Samidoh was in the vicinity of the couple when they were still the in-thing in late 2018.

The photo in particular was taken at JKIA in December 2018 when Diamond was in the country to perform at Wasafifest

I won't lie, I also shared their shock, meaning that I had to Google whether the photo in question hadn't been doctored.

And it hadn't! Samidoh had actually been in the vicinity when Diamond and Tanasha were blazing the entertainment trail.

We called the popular musician to find out what he was doing and where he was? As is his norm he didn't pick up. Whatever the case, it is a very unique coincidence! 

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