• "One student responded saying his dad was a very senior police officer and he would ensure I am locked up so I get discipline."-John Maina

Nyeri governor Mutahi Kahiga and ex-2NK driver sacked for driving students to a police station
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John Maina Muthoni, the 2NK driver fired for driving bhang-smoking students to a police station has opened up on what transpired.

Maina says he was driving the students when they started smoking and drinking. When he warned them about what they were doing, they told him off adding they would murder him.

Speaking during an interview with Wambui Wa Mwangi, he said,

"The students chose my car because it had good music and it had been pimped. They paid their fare at the booking office and off we went.

I smelt bhang but I thought it was someone on a motorbike, or someone walking. At some point, they started drinking. I stopped the car and warned them that I would take them to a police station.

One student responded by saying that his dad was a very senior police officer and he would ensure I was locked up so I could get discipline. The others told me 'tutakumurder'.

Maina says he got scared and that is when he decided to report the incident to the police;

"I got scared considering I was alone and there were no people around. They were also talking badly about how a plan to burn the school had backfired.

They were disappointed. I got into the car and they laughed really hard. As we approached Sagana police station and stopped the car, most of them had already run away.

When they saw I had diverted and gotten to a police station they fled through the windows. 6 bags were recovered with a mzinga and bhang among other things."

Maina added;

"I decided to report hoping the police would arrest them but they didn't. They said that if anything happened while they were chasing them around itawaletea shida.

People had started milling around and had offered to help 'discipline' the kids. But I warned them against it in case something bad (injury,death) occured"

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