• Pastor Ng'anga shared that he is father of many children and mostly in Ukambani.

Controversial man of God, Pastor James Ng'ang'a has revealed that he has sired many kids with Kamba women.

A video circulating on social media has again sparked a reaction with Kenyans online after it went viral.

In the video which is from one of his sermons in church, Ng'anga shared that he is a father of many children and mostly in Ukambani.

"I am a grandfather to so many kids, some are in Kirinyaga, some are in Ukambani, some in Nakuru. In Kisumu I don't have maybe one or two from those who were living in Mombasa.

But in Ukambani,(Nimetaga mayai Ukambani. I laid eggs there.)

Sometimes, I go to Ukambani and look at people and say, this looks like me. ( Saa zingine naendanga Ukamabani naona nikama hii ni yangu hii.)"

Just recently he said before he got married to his late wife, he had tried to marry but it was not working.

''I tried everything and when I say I have over 70 children, I mean it. I have 3o in Ukambani, twenty something in Mombasa, Nyandarua and Murang'a. One left with a seven-month pregnancy took her clothes and she never came back. I had to call myself into a meeting.''

This is not the first time the man of God has made headlines with controversial video clips.

Ng'anga was once captured lecturing and rebuking a woman in his church over the way she was dressed.

The three-minute video shows Pastor Ng’ang’a inviting a middle-aged woman to the altar, where he demands to know what the carrier bag she is carrying contains.

The woman responds by saying that she is carrying a leso in the bag but Pastor Ng’ang’a goes ahead to dress her down, asking her why she was wearing rubber shoes.

The woman defends herself by stating that she wore rubber shoes because it was drizzling by the time she left home for church.

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