JB Masanduku
JB Masanduku
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JB Masanduku has opened up on how he blew up Ksh 1 million in 11 days.

This was after he decided to live a 'parte after parte' kinda life once the Ksh 1 million touched his account.

Speaking during an interview JB says he spent the cash on women and booze.

"When I got my first million, things changed. I could not even believe it, I would withdraw a 1000 bob just to confirm my balance.

I went to the airport in shorts, a T-shirt and slippers and said I wanted to go to Uganda, then Rwanda and then to Burundi in 11 days.

When I got to Uganda I exchanged 100K and I was given another million. 

By the time I was coming back 11 days later, I only had 12 bob."

JB added, "I went to Uganda and bought a phone, took a cab and asked the driver to take me to the most expensive club.

When he dropped me I gave him a phone I had bought for 112K.

At the club I asked the waiter to give everyone who was taking beer another 5 bottles on me, everyone who was taking wine was given 2 bottles and everyone taking hard liquor to be given a mzinga."

JB says he travelled to Burundi and other places and by the time he was coming back to Kenya, he was broke and only had 12 shillings to his name.

"Even after the bill was brought, the 100K I had exchanged at the border was still not halfway used.

Women at the club also stole 300K from me.

On the day I was coming back I asked the motorbike to drop me at the airport, and I never paid him.

I lied that I wanted to check in but I never went back to pay him.

On reaching at JKIA I had to look for a way to pay for the parking fee."

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