• In an earlier post, Vera said she hates surprise Baby Showers.

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika
Image: Courtesy

 Socialite Vera Sidika is planning her baby shower.

Through her social media pages, Vera announced the plans she has.

She wrote;

"Baby shower loading. 10th October 2021. Location, Nairobi. I cant wait to celebrate with my real ones as we shower our little princess with blessings and prayers while we wait for her gracious arrival.

Vera added that she is currently 36 weeks pregnant.

"Little girl is getting closer to meeting the most amazing human in her life. Her mother."

In an earlier post, Vera said she hates surprise baby showers.

Vera said she doesn’t like the idea of letting other people run the show when the event or occasion is about her.

The mom-to-be said she is a perfectionist who will always see mistakes if she did not participate in putting things together. 

"Everyone; Baby shower should be a surprise

Me; I hate surprises. I love perfection and must plan every single detail, including the spoons used.

I didn't know how I would feel walking to my surprise party and everything just not as what I would like it to be. Woi. I would definitely be happy for the thoughtfulness. But weeh. I’m just very detailed and such a perfectionist. It’s a Libra thing, I think," said Vera.

Vera added that surprise Baby showers are an old school vibe;

"This whole thing of Baby shower is supposed to be a surprise is pretty much old school. My thoughts. Life has changed. People plan their won Baby showers and make them stand out. And have everything they wanted at their party."

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