Comedian Eric Omondi disclosed yesterday that his mother was concerned with the haphazard way he has been doing things in the latter part of the year.

Using his Instagram page, the comedian elucidated on a conversation he had had with his mother, where she expressed some worry about his recent actions. This was after Eric unveiled his new 9-bedroom mansion in Karen;

"My mother called me yesterday and she was asking 'Eric nini mbaya?' I had to tell my mum the truth, I told her that we need to fix this nation. We need to rectify certain things in this nation, cultivate by force a culture of belief, faith success, and encouraging talent and young people. 

I explained to my mum that is why I have been doing what I have been doing. For a very long time, we have had a culture of discouragement and killing dreams. "

What is interesting is that Eric's mom might not be the only person who harbours those concerns about her son.

The entertainer who thrives on living in the controversial limelight has been a target for some the last two years.

It started off with his crazy Wife Material show, then it went to his dressing, and then his gym journey where he started showing more and more skin.

As if that wasn't enough, Eric would then go on to endorse wealthy businessman Jimmy Wangigi for the 2022 presidential elections.

That seemed to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back and the attacks and threats from some of his detractors started coming in hard and fast.

The question? Was Eric losing it with his recent actions? My opinion. Nope. I think his actions are congruent with a creative whose brain works at a frenetic pace.

A man that cannot delink from his art form from his political notions and observations. His art is the lens he uses to interprets the world.

The father of one is a man who can't stop moving and has to be in action 24/7, so as to be at his best both creatively and artistically.

This means that we interact with his unfiltered self, both his genius and madness at the same time. Trying to stamp out one will kill the other, unfortunately.

What looks like madness to most "average" people is actually normal for people who operate on a very high plane of intelligence-It is a way of being, not wrong or right.

Eric sort of reminds me of Dave Chappelle. A divisive comedic savant at work trying to fight his inner demons, a battle that ultimately makes him a better comedian and social commentator.

So when people think that Eric is losing it, I disagree. I see a man reaching trying to grasp at the higher limit of his art form. Trying to see how high and how much more he can go, flying towards the impossible like Icarus. 

What the outside world sees as he embarks on this journey of self-discovery is either success or failure depending on who you ask.

Great art at the end of the day always starts as a risk. Safe art isn't art anymore but science and that becomes boring for a provocateur like Eric Omondi has become.

But what do I know?

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