Willy Paul
Image: Instagram

A few days ago a radio presenter called out Willy Paul for being a sexual predator and making advances at her when she was in his music studio.

NRG Radio presenter Atieno Nyardhudha said, "Let me tell you what happened between me and Willy Pozee. You can't call me, you say you want to work with me. I come to your studios, we are inside your studios and there is no network inside," she explained. 

The radio presenter said the incident happened when she was young, seeking a job opportunity. 

"I was naive, I was looking for a job, I had nothing. I was basically 19 or years old. You start touching me, telling me to touch you." 

Atieno said Willy Paul has been accused of assaulting other women too. 

"Whatever you did to me is not going to attack you, it will come to your children. What you are doing to girls out here, assaulting them, having sex without their permission," she said.

Atieno's story is one of many accusations levelled against the artiste who has assaulted several women in his studio one of which reported the matter to police.

Read all about it here.

Two years later, the script is still the same, the cast keeps changing.

Today, the embattled star has responded to detractors who want to mess with his upcoming album launch.

In an Instagram Video Willy Paul said, "The fight should be against poverty not Willy Paul, I want people to succeed, even fellow artistes who send people to attack me, I still want to see them succeed."

He added, "Why are you attacking someone who doesn't have time for you. Someone who is not your equal?"

In his trademark braggadocio fashion, the singer said, "Even if I die, I will die a king and go with the title."

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