Willy Paul threatened Susan Mwaniki, a third-year Mt. Kenya University student, with death. This is after he suspected she could be cheating on him.

He assaulted her physically for four hours on July 3, 2019, in his house in Syokimau. She reported the matter at Thika Police station under OB number 105/5/7/2019.

After the horrific assault, she still went back to Willy Paul. Why? We asked.

Susan spoke to Mpasho saying,

"He told me he has a gun in the backseat of the car and I remembered he had posted it on Instagram and Willy Paul is not one for empty threats he does what he says."

Susan added that after she was assaulted by Willy Paul, "My mum saw the scar but I lied about it. I tried to protect willy paul but he is someone who doesn't want to be protected. When I realised he is a person who doesn't care and believes their is nothing anyone can do to him. I told him this time round you got the wrong one."

She continued, "After that night, I thought it was over. I would leave him. So the following day I thought I would go home then to the hospital and the police station but as I told you he went outside for like 2 hours then when he came back, he came back as a new person. He acted like he hasn't done anything."

But the following day he was better than the other night. He was so nice and charming telling me It will never happen again. Actually I did not even go home. I stayed there for like four days then I went back to thika. I was giving him some chances if he can change or something like that. But the more I stay the more I hear that he has threatened someone mara he has fought with someone else. Such things pressured me to expose his assault.

Numerous calls for comment to Will Paul went unanswered. He also ignored our WhatsApp message asking him to respond to the claims.

Listen to the full audio here.